Vance Zayachek Engines

Full service automotive machine shop specializing in automotive racing engines.


About Vance Zayachek Engines

VZ Engines is not your average full-service automotive machine shop. The “V” in the business name represents one of its owner’s, head machinist Steve Vance. The “Z” represents the other owner, racing enthusiasts, Michael Zayachek. A friendship between the owners began while Vance was working as a machinist on the NASCAR circuit for Joe Gibbs Racing.

Michael Zayachek owns and operates Zayachek Mechanical, LTD., a mechanical contracting firm based out of Argyle, New York.  Michael Zayachek has over twenty five years of experience as a field millwright, welder and rigger. 20 of these have been in a management capacity. Mike was educated at SUNY/Canton, NY; is a certified master-rigger; køb viagra and has formal training in construction productivity, estimating and supervision. Michael Zayachek races on the mud circuit and has always had a love of high performance racing.  He races as much as he can, in his spare time.  

Vance did some work for the Zayachek race team, and they were so impressed with his skills and abilities, that they began using him regularly.  

Vance received his education at the School of Automotive Machinists (SAM) in Houston, TX, but it was his five years working for Joe Gibbs that allowed him to expand his knowledge and hands-on skills.

Shortly after receiving a championship ring as part of NASCAR driver Tony Stewart’s winning racing team, he opened his own shop in North Carolina.

During this time, his Alma matter asked him to return as an instructor at SAM. Vance became ASE Certified and returned to SAM as an instructor for three years, sharing his experiences and education with young machinists hoping to follow in his footsteps.

Then, Michael Zayachek approached him to partner in opening their own high performance race shop. Vance was interested in the partnership, if he could set up shop “back home” in his native West Virginia. Michael agreed, and VZ Engines has been in business since 2013; focusing on racing engines and much more.

VZ specializes in racing engines but we can handle anything from production, daily driver’s, engines, or machine work, all the way up to industrial work, as well as big trucks, tractors, John Deere engines, etc.

We not only repair and rebuild, we also sell high performance parts for those doing their own work.

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